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Utopian Learning Center

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Support. Empower. Succeed!

One- on- one Reading Intervention Services

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Dennise Pineda

Mild/Moderate Support Needs - Education Specialist

Master of Science in Special Education

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Meet the founder

My name is Dennise Pineda and I have had the privilege of working in the field of education for over 15 years. I taught a middle school special education classroom for 6 years and desired to serve learners in targeted reading intervention strategies.

I'm a graduate of California State University, Fullerton, where I obtained a B.A. in Communicative Disorders. Additionally, I acquired a SLPA (Speech-Language Pathology Assistant) license through California State University, Northridge. I earned a Master of Science in Education with an emphasis in Special Education, specializing in mild to moderate disabilities.

Throughout my career, I have dedicated my energy to helping students with diverse needs unlock their full potential. I am committed to providing individualized instruction through my one-on-one reading intervention program, creating a nurturing learning environment, and fostering growth and independence in each student I work with. I firmly believe that every learner deserves an equal opportunity to thrive in our 21st Century society.

It is my honor to be a part of a learners educational journey, and I look forward to collaborating with families and fellow educators to ensure the success and well-being of all learners.

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Our Mission

Utopian Learning Center (ULC) is an ideal intervention service that embraces the individual wherever they may be in their educational journey. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and targeted reading intervention approach that addresses the individual needs and fosters academic success.

The Vision

Utopian Learning Center (ULC) aspires to reach diverse communities and empower learners through life-changing reading interventions. We seek to establish strong collaborative partnerships with families, educational entities, and community partners to meet every student's needs through our center.


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Rewards Intermediate/


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Fundations, developed by Wilson Language Training, is a multisensory and systematic program designed to provide early literacy instruction for students in kindergarten to third grade. It focuses on phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, and handwriting skills.

REWARDS Program is geared for students in grades 4th-12th with a baseline reading level of 3.0- targeting decoding, comprehension and fluency. This is a short-term intervention program of 20-25 lessons.

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Wilson Reading System (WRS)

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WRS is designed for individuals in the 2nd to 12th grade, as well as adults who need a more comprehensive and structured approach to literacy instruction because of a language-based learning disability.

Tier 1 & Tier 2:

Tier 1 is a response to intervention (RTI) that refers to the universal strategies and practices implemented school-wide to promote academic success of all learners.

Tier 2 & 3 Intervention:

Tier 2 is specialized support for learners that require additional assistance beyond the universal strategies of Tier 1.

Tier 3 Intervention:

Tier 3 is intensive intervention for learners that require the targeted support to address their specific learning needs.

Getting Started

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This is the intake process in which we discuss your concerns, education journey, strengths, and expectations of your student. This can take place virtually, over the phone or at your home.

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A reading assessment takes place to determine current reading abilities in the following domains: Word Identification, Spelling, and Sound-Symbol Knowledge.

*Average Test Time: 15-55 minutes

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After the assessment has been finalized, a report of the results is discussed and a recommendation of a program and services is recommended.

*Please allow up to 48 hours after initial assessment to finalize report.

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After discussing the best options for your student, you can choose a monthly plan that works for you.

ULC Community

At the heart of every success of a learner, lies a supportive community that guided their journey. ULC values family engagement and aspires to foster a community where families are empowered. Together we aim to inspire learners to unlock infinite possibilities of success.

Interested In gathering families going through similar educational journey's with your student, send us an email at utopianlearningcenter@gmail.com.

Upcoming "ULC Community Talks"

Community Talks are quarterly virtual meetings covering topics of special education and your students.






IEP 101

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Dear families,

The following links are informational pages that can help navigate your students educational experience or help you further understand the neurodiversity of your student. If your student has an individualized education plan (IEP), know that you are an integral part of the team. Your input, collaboration, and expertise of your own student matters towards a successful implementation of an IEP.


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Thank you for your interest!

Contact Us:

(714) 308-4697


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